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    You're in the right place for breakthroughs.


    For a fresh, new outlook on yourself, your life, your possibilities and your experience of anything.


    Flourish in business, relationships, sport and mental health.


    What are you looking for?

    Get your Mojo back


    Return to the buoyant, spontaneous, confident free-spirit you know you really are. Bring that version of you back to your life, work, physical health, relationships, family and possibilities.

    Transcend chronic Worry, Anxiety and Stress

    What if the only thing wrong with you is that you think there's something wrong with you? Explore and understand mental struggle and dis-ease from a higher level of awareness, without working through it, practices, drugs or changing your outside circumstances.

    Find True Freedom


    Enjoy an easier, simpler and more wonderful experience of life from a place of high resilience. Discover your psychological freedom and natural state of calm, clarity and creativity, no matter what's going on around you or what you choose to take on. ​

    Create Something Amazing


    Bring an impossible dream to life. Perhaps a project, dream or goal that you've wanted to do, pursue or achieve for ages. This is the creative support and space for you to go for it with new levels of clarity, enjoyment, traction and 'effortless success'.


    In all areas of your life.


    That's why our work together is called Transformative Coaching.


    It's gentle, insightful, very powerful and, universal.


    I've helped clients from CEOs to small business owners, full-time Mums and Aussie battlers. Beyond our personal thinking, we are all the same.


    Most coaches, counsellors, therapists and trainers will help you buff and tweak certain aspects of your life. There's nothing wrong with that. But you still experience your/the world from within the same fundamental model.


    I'm more interested in exploring what's before all models, concepts and ideas. I'm here to explore with you how reality works. To open up your world.


    That's where the magic is.



  • the FOUNDATION of our work together

    Understanding how reality works



    We Live a Mental Life


    When you go for a walk, what is experiencing the walk?

    The mind.


    When you eat, what is bringing to life your experience of taste, scent, texture and your view of the food?

    The mind.


    When you have a conversation with your partner, colleague, child or client and you feel agitated, frustrated, disappointed or otherwise less than your best, where is your experience coming from?

    The mind.


    Reality is created inside, in the mind. No mind = no experience of anything. No you. No feelings. No reality.


    This is the ground of our conversations together, because our understanding of how reality works  sets us free. Understanding expands our possibilities from the finite world of what we know, to our infinite potential to think, feel and do anything.

    Exploring How It Works


    How reality works - how the mind works - is simple. It's unchanging, reliable and true for all of us.

    A way of describing it is:


    1. The Mind only works one-way

    100% inside-out. Thought creates our reality, moment-to-moment-to-moment. We live in the feeling of our moment-to-moment thinking (not our circumstances). No exceptions.


    2. The Mind is designed for success

    An infinite supply of new thought is available in any moment. Therefore, an unlimited supply of new reality - feelings/experiences/possibilities - are available in any moment, without anything changing on the outside.


    Beyond this description, and any other, it's our own understanding that counts. The more deeply we explore and understand these simple facts, the better life gets. The more our world opens up. The more psychological freedom we enjoy.

    Wonderful Implications


    The inside-out nature of reality means that, by design:


    We cannot be victims of the world

    We don't need to control our world in order to feel better, loved, happy, peaceful, secure. We have psychological freedom - the capacity to feel deep happiness, peace, clarity, love and connection - by design, no matter what's going on around us.


    We live in entirely separate realities

    All seven-billion people on the planet right now are experiencing their own separate, unique thought-generated reality, unfolding right in this moment. Ever wondered why communicating can seem so difficult? Because separate realities. Wonder why giving advice (or receiving it) doesn't work? Because separate realities. Wonder why people do things that you just don't get? Because separate realities. If you see the truth in this, you're already moving away from judgement to more compassion for yourself and others. And you're already able to listen more deeply and effectively, without 'working on your listening'. I wonder if that could have benefits for your life?


    The less we have on our mind, the better life gets

    Try having an empty mind and feeling shit/anxious/limited/low/somehow less than your best. It just can't happen. An empty mind feels great! It's like a cosmic gift. Less=more. The less thinking we have, the more we feel ease, happiness, joy, love, confidence, security, connection (everything we really want!). Clarity is our home turf. Love is the factory default. When we start to remember this, we rediscover our innate freedom to fully engage in life with less restriction, veto, limit or fear.


  • "Thought creates our world and then says 'I didn't do it!'"


    David Bohm, Physicist

  • client stories

    Here's some recent client stories of change.

    Amazing things happen when we wake up to the inside-out nature of our 'reality'...



    From house-bound to Hong Kong Disneyland

    Jen was referred to me for help to get out of a four-year rut. She was living in physical pain after an injury, had retreated from going out (even from grocery shopping) and wasn't able to play with her two daughters. She had panic attacks and reported being a life-long worrier.


    She could already sense that her 'thinking' had something to do with her struggle.


    In one session together, we took the focus off her problems, enjoyed a deep conversation about how we make up our reality via the power of Thought, and marvelled at the deeper intelligence behind life. In the following moments and days, Jen experienced more insights and found her natural capacity to self-correct in moments of struggle.


    Two weeks later I received an email with a photo of her and her two daughters. They were all smiling from ear to ear, standing in the middle of Hong Kong Disneyland.


    From victim to love in 60 minutes.

    Stuart came to a small-group talk about the inside-out nature of life. As I spoke and engaged in conversation with some others in the group, I noticed that he wasn't saying or asking anything, but was certainly listening with deep interest.


    After the talk, as we went our separate ways, I asked him if he enjoyed the meeting and if anything had occurred to him. What he shared was profound. He had been going through a long divorce. Through many months of worries and concerns, he was overwhelmed in the fight for his share of the house and assets, and fearful for his future relationship with his teenage daughter.


    He said, "At the beginning of the talk, I could have written a long list of all the areas in my life where I was a being a victim. And I absolutely hated my ex-wife".


    With a deep smile, it was clear that something had shifted for him. He had the look of liberation, concluding, "Now, I think she is a Queen. I am so grateful for her. She has given me the gift of consciousness."

  • "The psychologist of the future will have one role:

    Teach that our feelings are linked to thought, not in any way to circumstance."


    Garret Kramer

  • ways to work together

    I encourage most new clients to begin with simple One-At-A-Time Session, which you can book online.


    If you feel you might want something more, consider The Paradigm Shift Personal Intensive (more...), a 'Playing In The Unknown' Personal 1:1 Coaching Program created to your imagination (more...), or perhaps you'd like to join a small group of like-minded souls for an Inside-Out Group Adventure (more...).



    One-At-A-Time Sessions


    One session is often enough to make big shifts in your life.


    I encourage you to start here if you haven't worked with me before. It's also a great option for Inside-Out/Three Principles explorations or creative sessions to make a significant step forward in a project you're working on right now.


    We meet by Skype, Phone, Zoom HD video meeting, or in person by arrangement.


    Sessions are two hours and your investment is AUD$330*. Please pick a time to suit you using this online appointment scheduler. After you've made your booking, please follow the prompts in the confirmation email to make your payment. I accept bank transfer, credit card and Paypal.

    These One-At-A-Time sessions can be stacked together to create longer personal intensives over one or two days. If that's something you'd like to explore, please email me.


    *I offer a few Pay-What-You-Can concessions each month. If the full-fee is a problem, email me.

  • The Paradigm Shift Personal Intensive

    Expect a profound re-ordering of how you relate to yourself, your work, to others and to life itself. This is a three day investment and experience to change your life forever.



    This relaxed, fun and deeply insightful experience is the perfect space for you to deeply explore the principles of the mind and re-imagine your life and possibilities from the inside out.

    3 Days

    We'll spend three or four sessions together each day, depending on how you're going and how full or clear you are at the time. 

    Where's your Heaven on Earth?

    We come together at an inspiring location that we come up with in your intake session. Accommodation and travel costs are additional to your Intensive fee.

    Your Investment

    Your investment is AUD$4,900 including:

    - Intake sessions as required

    - All preparation materials

    - Six (6) personal coaching calls after the Intensive, to help you continue integrating what you've learned into your life.



    For the adventurous and athletic, the Paradigm Shift Personal Intensive can be styled as a Personal 1:1 Inside Out Adventure - same three-day Intensive while  indulging in your favourite sports and training in the outdoors.

    Next Step

    Please email me to meet (including via Skype), explore what you're up to and see if this is right for you.

  • Playing In The Unknown 

    A Personal Coaching Program Made For You


    Create something impossible, with the best support you've ever had.


    Step into the unknown. Bring a big, fat dream, project or goal and set your life on fire. This is the place to dive in, with the most powerful support you've ever had.


    You don't fit into a box. Why would you want a set program?


    We can work together in any number of ways, limited only by our thinking. There are no set start dates or end dates. No rigid programs.


    Simply, you are the material and the objective is transformation.


    We might work together for a few weeks, months or a year.


    As a guide, a Personal Program will require a minimum investment of AUD$5,000 and require at least two hours a week of your attention and commitment.


    Email me to meet and explore (including via Skype).

  • Inside-Out group Adventures

    Explore the inside-out nature of your life and life itself,

    while adventuring through an unforgettable outward journey over 3 or more days.


    An Inside Out Adventure is a wonderful opportunity to connect, explore and share your insights and learning with others in small group, as everyone reimagines life from the inside-out.


    Look Inward and Outward

    Mix physical exertion and challenge, stunning nature, the elements, wildlife and wonderful food with a deep, moving exploration of the mind!

    Three Principles Immersion

    Inside-Out Adventures are a deep-dive, Three Principles small-group intensive with powerful 1:1 coaching support right there with you along the way.

    With Personal Coaching

    Depending on group size, you'll have access to one or more Principles-based Facilitator-Coaches, delivering you a mix of group sessions and 1:1 coaching throughout the journey.

    Learn More...

    There will be several Inside Out Adventures in 2016, co-facilitated with my good friend and colleague James Brett of InspireYourselfNow.

    If you'd like to know about upcoming Adventures, join my 'Think Less, Better Life' Community here, or email me to explore the creation of your own Group Adventure

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  • "Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts"

    Sydney Banks


    Get irregular insights about the inside-out nature of reality and what it means for life, love, work and play...with less effort and more ease than ever.

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